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So now and then we have puppies available.

We only sell them to real doglovers, who see the dogs as a member of their family.

We do not sell puppies to puppymills or huge breeders who keep the dogs only outside in kennels.

At people who wants them for cross/mix breeding we don't sell a puppy.

We are very selective in choosing the right parents and combinations for breeding.

A long and healthy life is for us very important, just like a good stabile karakter.

For us is the inside more important than the outside,  it is a nice extra if they look beautiful, but we have more notice on the health part. 

A long and healthy life is for us no.1.


IMG 5202


The puppies will be born in our house and grow up in our house.

So they get used to the daily things like washing machine, television, radio, etc.

We have 2 children, so they are used to small children as well.

As the weather is ok the puppies are allowed to play outside for some hours when the are over 4,5 weeks old.


Fotoshoot D nest pups rennen panarama


If the puppies reached the age of 8 weeks they are allowed to go to their new owners in The Netherlands and the USA.

If they go to Scandinavia or Europe,  by example Germany & Belgium, they have to be vaccinated when they are 12 weeks old against Rabiës and

wait 3 more weeks. So they can travel if they are 15 weeks old.

Then the puppy will stay from 8 to 15 weeks at our house and will get extra vaccination and de-worm.

 Please inform after the rules of your country at your local vet or airport.


Paardenbloemen 2012 61


If you would be interested in a puppy from our kennel, please contact us.

(For more info check the Dutch version of my website @ Puppies. planning. ) 


Note: We have a waitinglist.













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